Extremely Simple Privacy Policy

We will never share your name or contact information with anyone outside of Ann Turner Design for any reason. Period. 

What you tell us about yourself is between you and us, but there are two different scenarios in which other people might learn about you.

  1. When you give us a written testimonial about the service you received from us and permission to use it. (For that we will be eternally grateful!) Needless to say, that will only occur once you choose to make us your graphic designer for your marketing materials.
  2. The marketing materials we design for you may be used as samples to show others what we are capable of or in our digital portfolio.  The only time this will not occur is when there has been a non-disclosure agreement arranged between us.


So until that time, no one but you and us will EVER know that you've contacted us, talked to us, emailed us, or in any way been exposed to us.

You have my word,

Ann Turner

ann says hi!

We look forward to hearing from you.